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This service is brought to you by Project Genesis, producers of,, and Ask your questions and read the many interesting archived responses. Published responses are added almost daily!

Since 1996, Project Genesis has been answering your questions online. is the culmination of the service that we have been providing for years on the pioneering Jewish educational website,

Our staff consists of a team of over 30 scholars prepared to tackle your questions on all matters of Jewish life and study. This is a volunteer effort, driven by the passion of our teachers to share the wisdom of their heritage. Although your U.S. tax-deductible donations are appreciated, this service is offered 100% free of charge.

The realm of our collective expertise is enormous, with answers on such diverse topics as Jewish History, Personal Guidance, the Bible, Jewish Practice, and much more.

Submit a question, read our responses, and you will then know “What is the Jewish Answer?”

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