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Shlomo Shulman

I can't be described in two lines or less. That's a pretty good description (of all of us, really). But pasted below is our bio: Rabbi Shlomo Shulman currently runs JAAM CT (JAAM=Jewish Awareness AMerica), with his wife, Aviva. JAAM CT is an educational program dedicated to teaching Jewish college students, who don�t think they learned it all in Sunday School, about Judaism on a sophisticated level through on campus seminars, really cool guest speakers and amazing trips. Rabbi S was born in Cleveland, OH, at Mt. Sinai Hospital/ /appropriately, and grew up attending public schools and Reform Temple there. As a Cleveland sports fan, he learned what it means to be an oppressed people. After high school, Rabbi S attended Yale University, earning a degree in Philosophy with a minor in Ultimate Frisbee. In lieu of law school, Rabbi S spent the next several years studying in rabbinical seminaries in Israel and NY. Before returning, somewhat unexpectedly, to CT in �05, Rabbi S served as a rabbi in Savannah, GA and Richmond, VA, where he learned that, contrary to what they teach you in Yale, the Civil War (excuse me, the War of Northern Aggression) is not over. He also learned that there really are amazing Jewish people everywhere. Rabbi Shulman and his wife, Aviva are blessed with six wonderful, well-behaved-at-heart children. They have also been foster parents to several children and young adults over the years. All their foster children were unplanned. Aviva Shulman grew up in Baltimore, MD. After high school, she studied Torah in Jerusalem for two years and subsequently in Yavne Teachers College in Cleveland, Ohio. Aviva has taught elementary and middle school Jewish studies for over a decade in NY, GA & VA. She also has extensive experience lecturing and tutoring adults. Aviva actually has a pretty good sense of humor herself, but she wouldn�t say that about her husband.

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